Dreams for sale a Susiya


Breu article de l’actuació del grup de circ de Jenin a Susiya. Està en anglès perquè el vaig escriure per ells i ara no m’ha fet una mica de mandra traduir-lo, però ja ho faré!

Dreams for Sale a Susiya

Susiya is a village that Israel wants to make disappear, make it vanish of the map and the History. Just pretend it does not exist and it never did. This is why you will not find any mark to lead you there, just a couple of stones with the name hand-painted on them. But of course it does. It is a thirty-year temporary village now, which consists only of some tents and where 12 families are living in harshly conditions. They are fostering there their future, without buildings because they are not allowed to construct anything. Since Israel demolished their village, in the eighties they are living in enduring-provisional conditions. Resisting for the only they have left, a part of their land.



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